Site Markout

Before any penetrative works take place it is advisable to mark out the infrastructure that exists beneath the ground. Current buried assets information, more commonly known as "stats", can be inaccurate, incomplete and often in need of updating

Site Vision Surveys combines knowledge with technology to establish accurate position and depth of buried services that exist beneath a site. These are clearly marked on the ground in paint or chalk (dependant on site sensitivity). Should a more permanent record be required site data can be transferred on to a measured drawing or base plan

The following quote was taken from the launch of the revised version of HSG47 'Avoiding dangers from underground services'

“Workers excavating the ground still continue to be injured by striking cables and pipes and it is vital that they understand the dangers. The guidance (HSG 47 'Avoiding dangers from underground services') highlights these dangers and lays out a safe system of work to follow. The alternative of trusting to luck just isn't on”

David Left (HSE's Engineering and Utilities Sector)