The complete package in line with the PAS128:2014 specification. SVS have always prided themselves on going the extra mile when it comes to utility mapping and now working in conjunction with the PAS specification SVS offer a consultancy approach walking hand in hand with you through the entire process from start to finish.


The PAS specification outlines key stages (survey types) to obtain the most comprehensive and informative survey results for your site. The survey types are;


  • Survey Type D: Desktop search and compilation of existing asset information
  • Survey Type C: On site reconnaissance with the desktop search in hand, this is an initial fact finding mission designed to establish those factors that may impede progress on site in advance of the survey taking place
  • Survey Type B: On site Utility Investigation and Survey. Mobilising to site with the latest technology our qualified and highly trained staff will look to determine position and depth of all buried utility services. All services are then offered a confidence rating as to their detection; QL-B1 being high to QL-B4 low and mapped using topographical devices
  • Survey Type A: Visual confirmation. Where the confidence level is low or knowing the absolute positon of a buried service is paramount to the success of the project the utility service should be exposed. Site Vision Surveys use both Vacuum Excavation and safe hand digging practices to verify an asset and topographical devices to accurately record the definite position and depth.