Topographical Surveys

3D Laser Scanning

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3D Laser Scanning
Site Vision Surveys Laser Scanning facility provide services to the Architectural, Construction, Industrial and Retail sectors throughout the UK

3D laser scanners will typically send up to a million laser beams a second out from a mirror that rotates vertically at high speed; the main body of the scanner slowly rotates horizontally at the same time to obtain a full 360 degree scan of everything surrounding the scanner up to 330m away.

The end result is a “point cloud” made up of millions of points accurately depicting the site and surrounding environment.
“All of our surveys are carried out to the Pas128 and / or RICS standard specification and produced in AutoCAD DWG, PDF, DXF or revit”
This data can be delivered in the traditional 2D AutoCAD format for Architectural drawings or in a 3D version via programs such as AutoCAD Recap Pro and Revit building information models.

Think BiM – The end result of this system is the creation of incredibly detailed drawings upon which so much more data can be added