Utility Surveys

Verification Trenching

Site Vision Surveys Ltd is a multidiscipline professional surveying company based in the heart of the UK, which provides services for all aspects of the built, transport and civil engineering environments

“All of our surveys are carried out to the Pas128 and / or RICS standard specification and produced in AutoCAD DWG, PDF, DXF or revit”
Non-Intrusive trenching
Where expensive and often disruptive digging of trial pits and slit trenches are cut to confirm guide or record drawings Site Vision Surveys provides non-intrusive trenching as an alternative By undertaking a Pas128 utility detection and mapping survey of a “cross section” of a pavement or carriageway a precise plan or 3D model can be supplied showing the relationship between individual buried services and the surrounding environment

This facility is often used for;
Vacuum Extraction (safe dig / Pas128 QL A)
A safe system of digging around a buried utility without causing damage to the service or the person doing the work

“Seeing is believing” The advantages of physically being able to identify the type, the material and the absolute depth of a buried utility service is massive and not only when considering your health & safety obligations but when knowing the exact position is paramount to the stability of the project budget and design

Safe identification of live services Reduced waste disposal saving time and cost Small, compact and discreet units can get into the tightest of spaces Large tanker units can make light work of large projects Reduced need for traffic management saving further time and cost Combined survey and extraction team to verify exact utility service type, position, size and material to millimetre accuracy Highly detailed trench and test hole photographic report.