Screening Eagle / Proceq GS8000

It has long been our mantra that in order to provide an unrivaled service you need the best personnel, techniques and tools to do the job.
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Above the ability to assess & train our employees and to implement and drive home best practice techniques, is our willingness to invest in the future. During the early part of 2021 we reviewed the performance and capabilities of various push / pull GPR devices currently available on the market.

With our depth of knowledge we were able to devise meaningful task specific comparisons which ultimately led us to purchasing #2 next generation Proceq GS8000 devices.

The simple ergonomic form provides some clue as to the thought processes that has gone into designing this device but it’s capability and ease of use drives home the manufacturers understanding of the demands that will be placed upon it.

“As it turned out these were the first few to be purchased in the UK so when we were asked by Screening Eagle to offer our experiences using these devices we were only to pleased to help – Subsurface detection and mapping”

Simon Bailey FCInstCES

Managing Director


Our investment continues – more news to follow shortly